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46039, RE: There should be about 18x more programs available for
Posted by PoppaGeorge, Tue Dec-20-05 01:14 PM
Naw. The Mac is now in the position that the Atari ST was in years ago. At one point, the ST was the premier sequencing platform until Macs started making inroads on that territory. Eventually, the Mac took over and ST's faded. Now, the Mac is on the verge of fading from the music scene. Every version of ProTools has a PC counterpart, Logic, DP, and Garage Band are all Mac only, but no one cares because PC users have Sonar and Cubase/Nuendo. Reason is dual platform. Nearly every VSTi has a PC version and there's a shitload of apps that are PC only (FL Studio, Orion, n-Track Studio, etc...).

The only real reason that Macs still have a foothold in music is ProTools and Logic users are reluctant to switch platforms.