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Topic subject"Lost Planet" by Capcom for xbox 360 - 2006
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44792, "Lost Planet" by Capcom for xbox 360 - 2006
Posted by Rjcc, Sat Dec-10-05 05:00 PM


Certified Grade A Coon - Inspector Abrock33

http://rjcc.stumbleupon.com - what I'm looking at

www.hdbeat.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
44793, whoa... the nest! wow!
Posted by bearfield, Sat Dec-10-05 05:07 PM
looks interesting. kinda like dino crisis with mechs and aliens?
44826, reminds me of the magitek in ffvi
Posted by silentnoah, Sun Dec-11-05 01:49 AM
and anyone notice on the credits screen it says "starring by" lmao
44830, Hey that shit looks kinda hot...
Posted by BlacKnightSC, Sun Dec-11-05 03:40 AM
They made any announcements for a US release date yet?