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Topic subjectIPOD trouble
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43864, IPOD trouble
Posted by queenisisdivine, Sun Dec-04-05 03:41 PM
I borrowed this ipod and I'm without instructions. I just downloaded and synchronized a load of tracks onto my ipod and now I'm trying to figure out how to get them to play. I pressed play, pause, foward, backward, volumes and nothing. Any suggestions?

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43865, MUSIC >> ARTISTS >> (choose one) >>> ALBUM >> SONG
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Sun Dec-04-05 04:01 PM
..OR just click on "SHUFFLE SONGS"
306254, Nobody needs that old, obsolete piece of shit.
Posted by Nopayne, Tue May-10-22 02:16 PM
306256, It's wild to up this on the day it gets discontinued.
Posted by JFrost1117, Tue May-10-22 11:57 PM
306258, That's the point though...NoPayne is our resident apple hater
Posted by Steelysteel, Sat May-21-22 04:26 PM
I'm sure my man has an apple tattoo'ed on his bicep, two iPhones and apple stickers on the back of his Audi...

306265, I forgot that I upped this post lol.
Posted by Nopayne, Thu Jun-02-22 09:32 PM
I came in ready to lay down some hate but I see it's not needed.
306257, lol
Posted by hardware, Fri May-13-22 11:55 PM
306259, Im still running an ipod classic
Posted by RobOne4, Sun May-22-22 10:47 PM
cell service is spotty in my area plus lots of shit still isnt on streaming and i refuse to pay to hear music i have already paid for on CD and sometimes Vinyl too. So Ive got 110 gigs of music. I plug Jean Pod Van Damme on shuffle and I drive. I had no clue De La wasnt on streaming because they get lots of love in my car. So fuck you nopayne! When my HD goes im putting in a flash drive and im gonna keep on rocking.
306260, iPod Touch forever when it comes to the car
Posted by will_5198, Sun May-22-22 11:29 PM
and yep, streaming is missing a ton of music that I could never listen to if I didn't have it on my HD. mine even connects to my audio display so I don't have to die while trying to find artists that start with the letter S anymore.

I'm gonna be sad when it dies.
306262, My ipod classic will never die
Posted by spenzalii, Tue May-24-22 02:10 PM
Modded one for my brother and a mini for myself with flash storage and a bigger battery. Still too much music I collected over the years that isn't streaming, and as nice as having music in the cloud is, I'll be damned if I'm somewhere and can't access it.It only has one job and it does it better than anything else I've tried, so it's staying.
306392, how did you mod?
Posted by RobOne4, Mon Sep-26-22 01:54 PM
i need a new battery for mine thinking of just switching to flash drive while i have it open and get ahead of the game.