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Topic subjectpretty incredible. my favorite subgenre of open world games
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306544, pretty incredible. my favorite subgenre of open world games
Posted by bearfield, Wed May-24-23 12:37 PM
where the devs give you a bunch of tools to solve problems with and no real direction other than 'go solve this problem.' i love the conceit of super gluing stuff together and having it work 99% of the time. there are a lot of busted (in a good way) mechanics in this game and you aren't punished for finding the most broken combos (boko arm + boko arm) and exploiting them. i feel encouraged to explore and experiment and that's really drawing me in and immersing me. this might be my goty depending on how ffxvi turns out

might get flamed for this but this is the first zelda game i've enjoyed playing. i bounced off of botw bc of pacing and performance issues. never played any of the nes/snes/n64/wii games or the ones on handheld systems. i might have briefly played and hated the side scrolling one on nes. i did try the gamecube one but couldn't get into it