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Topic subjectAlmost done with the extra books. The money grind continues
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306545, Almost done with the extra books. The money grind continues
Posted by spenzalii, Wed May-24-23 01:56 PM
The Porsche sportster showed up, which helped fill out the mid engine book (the 918 is always available and can be bought after one Spa money race). Just need 4 cars for now (the McLaren F1 car, which I never have seen, the Veyron, which I have the invite for through the middle of June, the 'Kenmeri' Skyline, which I missed out on when I started out, and the '62 Vette, which I have never seen). Will pull the trigger on the XJ13 before it disappears over the weekend. That will just leave the '67 GT40 Mk. IV for the legendary car trophy.

Once that's all done I can get back to the Gr.1 races (Daytona took a few tries, I'm saving and dreading Suzuka and I need to run more lap times at St. Croix to get used to that layout) and tackle the Super Formula races (already have the W14 livery on my Toyota chassis. Screw that Honda chassis, because unrelated F1 beef).