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Topic subjectYea, I love/loved it
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306525, Yea, I love/loved it
Posted by Nodima, Tue May-16-23 05:00 AM
The SixAxis/haptic rumble/trigger resistance combo is so wild.

This is a game I don’t hesitate to uninstall when I need hard drive space for something new, but I also sprint back to it as soon as I need a time killer that’s not MLB The Show.

I wish the content updates would, every once in a while, spotlight the road cars because the I find a lot of the race and concept car events incredibly stressful, but behind the wheel of one of those Dodge Tomahawks I do find that Spa race a great activity to do while listening to a podcast.

I also never really understood the complaints about the economy of the game. Like you said, the way every car feels so distinct on just the controller, the point seems to me to be enjoying or mastering certain cars and the collections will come. By far my favorite moment during the menu progression was the Ferrari book - I could’ve detoured to raise money for a more modern model but I touched it out with the 1975 308 GTB and it was so satisfying tinkering with that car and my knowledge of how it performed on each track to advance from 5th to 3rd to 1st. The wider reaction to the game’s pricing made me realize how broken players have been by battle passes and other live service game structures.

There’s not gonna be another one of these for years, and despite not being a racing fan or gear head it seems to me the point is doing the same thing over and over again chasing improvements a tenth of a second at a time. So what’s frustrating about cars that seem unattainable, or races you’re repeating over and over?

I just wish I could figure out what I fucked up about my Shelby Cobra that causes it to pop a wheelie on every straightaway. Back to the garage.

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