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Topic subjecttmnt shredders revenge
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306289, tmnt shredders revenge
Posted by Doomdata21, Mon Jun-20-22 08:32 PM
This game is FUN! That is all.
306292, RE: tmnt shredders revenge
Posted by jimaveli, Fri Jun-24-22 12:48 PM
>This game is FUN! That is all.

Yes it is. Me and the kid are casually working our way through it. Some of these stages don't mind if you mess around and die. And some of the bosses are dead serious about making sure you take some amount of damage until you get like for real good at the game.
306293, I stumbled on an IGN review of the game and it looks fun as hell
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Fri Jun-24-22 10:20 PM
When the footage came on, I first thought the game was just a port from the old 16-bit games.

But it is cool that they did an homage to the old games while effectively using modern developments in gaming to bring the game to life for this current generation of fans.

I don't have time to game anymore, but this would be a game to play.
306295, I may cop it this weekend. Looks the business
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Jun-28-22 05:22 PM
Be even better if I get my Happ/iL arcade stick working.
306297, This game finally got my kids to play games together again lol...
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Tue Jul-05-22 10:18 AM
....we used to all play together every night but they went their separate ways on different games the last 2 or so years. ...great to play together once again on a regular basis

306329, It's exactly the game you think it is
Posted by spenzalii, Thu Jul-21-22 02:28 PM
And that's probably a good thing
306335, Yeah I'm going to buy this soon
Posted by mista k5, Thu Jul-21-22 04:51 PM
I held off incase someone got it for my bday. I just gotta decide if I go digital or physical.
306343, I wanted to go physical
Posted by Doomdata21, Fri Jul-22-22 01:25 PM
Didn't want to miss the initial wave. I think waiting isn't bad for nostalgia's sake though.
306444, finally got it for Christmas
Posted by mista k5, Tue Dec-27-22 02:53 PM
physical was the way to go. I'm out of space on my SD card got some stickers, the art book and a coupon for a free pan pizza lol

Played it some yesterday, pretty fun indeed.