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Topic subjectjust got to hour 170 on my 2nd character
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306304, just got to hour 170 on my 2nd character
Posted by HecticHavoc, Wed Jul-06-22 01:54 PM
Capped this character at level 201. Have done a TON of PVP'ing now - mostly at the First Step and I get summoned to fight invaders. Having a blast.

One of my favorite builds was using a dual Bolt of Gransax at +10. Strongest projectile in the game, and power-stancing has a super strong melee attack that worked great for me. But the itch to be a Mage was too strong. Now I am using the Dark Moon Greatsword with Dark Moon spell, Greatblade phalanx (I find the great blade better than Carian bc it will always stun), and backups of Adulas Moonblade and Stars of Ruin.

Never thought I'd like PVP but its a blast. Most invaders have the same damn set up, some sort of bleed variant - so its fun to be Frost-based and try to win these fights.