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Topic subjectI paid for a key and was able to get in Saturday night
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306411, I paid for a key and was able to get in Saturday night
Posted by Mafamaticks, Thu Oct-13-22 11:00 AM
I wanted to play Kimberly but I didn't wanna spend what time I had left in training mode all day so I went with Ken. I was having a blast. Buttons are easier to whiff punish, drive impact keeps things interesting, and the drive gauge is a dope ass mechanic.

SF 101 got me to Diamond rank and I was barely using the SF6 stuff. The most I did on Saturday evening was be mindful of our drive gauges. People would spend all their gauge early in the match and I'd just make them pay for it. Developing strats around the gauge is gonna be fun as shit.

I didn't really start using the SF6 mechanics until Sunday. Drive Impact was annoying at first but by the second day my reactions were getting better so I was able to start punishing them. Whiff punishing a button then going into parry rush into a fat ass combo into corner carry is mad satisfying.

My last game of the beta I was trying out some shit in training mode against a Ken player and he was up 4-0. I got sick of losing and started playing for real.

Ran 6 straight on him right before the beta shut down. Hold that shit till next year fam.

I'm interested in seeing how grapplers work in SF6. I wanna play Manon and go back to my Abel roots but I like having a DP and a fireball.