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Topic subjectRE: Beta test this weekend
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Posted by jimaveli, Wed Oct-12-22 05:03 PM
>CFN: Amonster
>Xbox: Amonumental

My 25-year ago Ken would've been no match for whatever you were bringing I'm sure!

It took me like a day to remember that Ken's run extends combos. And even by Sunday night, there was still some good combos that I couldn't make myself even try to pull off. I didn't start ducking into emptier surveys to try to hit the lab for a good while.

I gave a few people the biz with my Street Fighter 101 shit tho! I got the biz from pretty much every Guile I dealt with. I just wasn't getting enough damage when I would get in. And Guile, like always, is THE yolo punisher.

Overall though, I REALLY like how SF6 'feels' in that beta. Its like a bonkers mix of SF3 and SF4 in the best ways. And really, it seems like you've gotta DO SOMETHING or you're gonna get waxed by the whole cast cuz everyone can do you in something dirty it seems. That's fun.