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Topic subjectRE: I ain't get no invite
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306408, RE: I ain't get no invite
Posted by jimaveli, Sat Oct-08-22 12:59 AM
>but some of the streamers I've been following have one so
>I'll try to watch.

Boo. Not sure what the hell Capcom was doing with the invites. I put in for and got it. I was shocked. Ps5.

I’m trying to do some justice to it. It’s pretty damn gorgeous to look at for sure. And the ‘tone’ of the game is dark in a good way. I’m excited to see some of the confirmed characters in this. I’m guessing Akuma is finna be out of hand on this.

Early on, you can’t be on the scene just throwing out shit or you’re gonna get your broth seasoned. I think people have been playing games where a bunch of stuff is plus on block. I was going to town on some people for a while…people were playing footsies with sweeps.

The lobby setup is pretty good, it’s easy to roll up and spectate, and if you and someone get a good set going, you can just keep on fighting. Imagine that!

When you hit someone, it HITS. Fierce and roundhouses especially.

The different level specials are interesting too.

Drive Meter seems like a good time. And when someone goes into burnout mode, the heat is on their azzes fo sho!

Im playing with broke ass/fugitive Ken so far. He’s a good familiar time of course. And they made sure he didn’t look goofy this time. I need to jump to Ryu for a while then get to Kimberly. She seems like a fun mix of Guy, Claw, and maybe a couple of others.

And duh, Guile is still Guile. You’re not doing any yolo shit against a devoted Guile. He hits like a truck too so you don’t have to fuck around for a long time to find out.