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Topic subjectRE: A bunch of info dropped during TGS
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306389, RE: A bunch of info dropped during TGS
Posted by jimaveli, Thu Sep-22-22 03:33 PM
>Closed beta coming up that you can apply for too.

I applied (PS5) but I'm not optimistic. We'll see!

And I'm never great at these games (I don't put the time in and my twitch is declining), but I always get hype for them. 3 hit when I was in college and they didn't get the console releases in a timely manner. But I still had an arcade nearby where I could play it a little bit.

I bought 4 pretty fast and put hella hours on it. I sat 5 down a bunch of different times but still enjoyed it overall.

6 looks pretty lovely. And they got me with 'broke Ken' and wondering what these new villains are gonna be up to. And it looks like they took offense to talk that their characters don't have enough tools so some of these characters appear to have a lot of stuff going for them. I'm interested for sure.