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Posted by jimaveli, Tue Aug-30-22 11:49 AM
It is wild playing a SF without crush counters. It is EASY to forget that its not 100% big money damage time when someone whiffs a yolo SRK.

As always, I'm excited for what SF6 is going to have. It looks like they've made some strong decisions about what they want the game to be so far. It is just a matter of how the characters mix in with it.

And I'm interested in what kind of story they're going to put together too: old Ryu, broke Ken, where is the evil folks?, what about G? All of that stuff.

>teaser dropped this weekend.
>all I can say so far:
>- I'm glad the series is continuing with a main game (I have
>980 hours on my Steam copy of SFV, but haven't played it
>consistently in two years)
>- they better be working on a better logo; it looks like a
>shitty generic eSports badge