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Topic subjectWhat did folks think about yesterday's reveals?
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306266, What did folks think about yesterday's reveals?
Posted by Numba_33, Fri Jun-03-22 07:29 AM
It appears the full cast was leaked as well. I'm assuming Capcom wasn't behind the full leakage since I imagine the full cast won't be available when the game launches, especially not for free. I can't see Capcom forgoing that sweet DLC money.

It also appears as if there will be single player action this go around based on the small snippets of a main character walking around what looks like Final Fight's Metro City. That might sucked a non-serious fighting game player such as myself in. That and the fact that I also saw online that simplistic non-motion based commands are going to be added to the game.

Seems like Capcom will hardcore into revamping Street Fighter. I hope the netcode will be up to snuff with all the added stuff that's packed in.