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Topic subjectI might be too..or at least really tired
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306092, I might be too..or at least really tired
Posted by jimaveli, Thu Feb-24-22 11:10 AM
>I haven't played SFV in a while either. Strive is collecting
>dust. I hate getting bodied but I don't have enough time to
>lab and shit like that anymore.
>It better have proper rollback though.

Strive is so beautiful. But I barely have/take the time to dig into it. And I can't make myself take the time to learn anyone other than Potemkin and a lazy/bad Leo.

And I stopped trying to get to Celestial pretty fast when it became clear that people were running scared on Floor 10. AKA folks were trying to cherry pick, run from matchups, etcetera.

So if I had a winning streak going? No one would fight me for a loooooong time. And hell, if someone was actually willing to fight me, I just assumed they were fully prepared to play in the most 'foot on the ropes/hand full of tights' way possible and either kill me dead with the repeat mixup until it works style or the get a life lead then run like a bitch for the rest of the round to win via timeout.

I'm too straight up for all of that shit. If I'm playing a game, I'm playing a game and I ain't hardly trying to run from anyone. If I win, cool. If I lose, cool. If I play you and I didn't enjoy it cuz setplay and/or running, I probably won't rematch. But not playing someone cuz of a character or win streak? Man, forget all of that. If I'm doing that, then I probably shouldn't be playing the game.