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Topic subjectThat should be a fun experience.
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306284, That should be a fun experience.
Posted by Nodima, Tue Jun-14-22 01:08 PM
The only other games I can think of that were as aware of what state your game world was in during side quests are Red Dead II and another game on the tip of my tongue I can't quite remember. Aloy or other characters will almost always be up to date on what she's already got in her inventory or done out in the world and the dialogue will adjust to account for that.

When I think back on my time with this game, more and more it feels like the opposite of my Zero Dawn experience. I loved everything about the side quests, from all the animation work to the diversity of culture, mental spectrums, physical disability, etc. it just felt really, really cared for in the same way most of the first game's side quests are comically stupid.

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