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Topic subjectBoth of y'all are right. NG+ is a weird thing
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306276, Both of y'all are right. NG+ is a weird thing
Posted by spenzalii, Thu Jun-09-22 11:31 PM
I think that probably speaks more to the game structure than anything else. The pacing of the game isn't great. As mentioned before, there's 3 beginnings before you actually get to the Forbidden West properly. That's a lot to run through again from scratch.

The new weapons make their own problems. Yes, the base stats are higher than the legendary weapons you can normally get. Yes, they are easier to buy with the champion's tokens. BUT, the ammo takes resources you will either quickly run out of from your NG+ stash, or you need to run to the last 1/4 of the game to fight the machines needed for the resources and shards to make the upgrades happen.

HFW always had story and pacing issues. Running a NG+ just amplifies this. Yes, you can run through the main storyline quest without super serious issues (even on ultra hard, as a few gameplay vids have shown). But the upgrade grind for each weapon and armor (old or new) is a lot. At some point in the game, the upgrade grind is all that's left, which isn't great. I am all for fighting machines, but there's only so many Fireclaws and Slitherfangs I can fight for the limited resources I need before I have to ask 'WTF!!!'

All that said, it doesn't really change my original rating and synopsis of the game. Go get it. Go beat it. You will have a great time.

Will you want to do it again? That's the question NG+ has to answer, and whatever you come up with is correct.