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Topic subjectRE: Horizon: Forbidden West (PS5/PS4, 2022)
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306227, RE: Horizon: Forbidden West (PS5/PS4, 2022)
Posted by Mafamaticks, Thu Apr-28-22 08:36 PM
I tried to take on a tremortusk so I could upgrade some of my gear. I parked my ride a few steps behind the battle so I could hop back on once I was done. Shit did not go as planned.

this nigga found where I parked my shit, blew it up and almost murked me. I had to throw a smoke bomb to get out of there. I used all my resources for other shit so I couldn't craft a quick travel kit.

Nigga I had the longest, most dangerous walk back to a bristleback site. Shit was filled with all types of dangerous animals. it was like the fucking Warriors.