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Topic subjectRE: Melee is always going to be bad without a way to block
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306221, RE: Melee is always going to be bad without a way to block
Posted by Numba_33, Tue Apr-26-22 02:18 PM
>It's slightly better here (as there's more combos), but
>besides using against human enemies, it's pretty worthless.
>Besides, the best way to clear out the rebel camps is with
>stealth rather than direct combat. I still need to get to The
>Enduring for that trophy but can't be bothered with the last
>training pit yet.

A lack of locking onto enemies it what frustrated me the most when I was typing out that original message. And it was strictly because I was in the midst of trying to complete that Enduring training pit nonsense. In the course of the main storyline, melee combat isn't that necessary because like you said, stealth combat is the proven way to kill human enemies.

Still pretty annoying to have to deal with melee combat on a fair more complicated level to clear out those Enduring missions when the combat mechanic is still fairly clunky though.