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Topic subjectMelee is always going to be bad without a way to block
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306220, Melee is always going to be bad without a way to block
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Apr-26-22 02:08 PM
It's slightly better here (as there's more combos), but besides using against human enemies, it's pretty worthless. Besides, the best way to clear out the rebel camps is with stealth rather than direct combat. I still need to get to The Enduring for that trophy but can't be bothered with the last training pit yet.

Kind of wish the ability to fly came sooner, or was more ingrained into the story. But, I suppose it also depends on how you play the game. If you mainlined the main quest, getting the override was a great way to get around and do everything else. If you play like I did and try to do every side quest you're presented with in each area before progressing to the next story bit, you'll be at Level 50 before the end missions and have little use for flight besides a few side missions and collectables.