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Topic subjectJust beat the game. Slight spoilers ahead.
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306219, Just beat the game. Slight spoilers ahead.
Posted by Numba_33, Sun Apr-24-22 08:57 AM
As immersive and as many choices the game gives you, it's a bit weird the game caps your experience level at 50. Also, the last boss battle felt a bit stale to me. I'm main glad melle combat wasn't involved as that is still a clunky experience just like the first game.

I will admit getting the ability to fly around the game is pretty I'll, especially given the number of glitches and hickups the game has. Can tell the developers took their time fine tuning the mechanics involved there.

I wonder what DLC this game could muster since the main game scratched so many itches. Perhaps some gameplay from Sylen's perspective?