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Topic subjectFor elemental effects, Ice still reigns supreme
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306206, For elemental effects, Ice still reigns supreme
Posted by spenzalii, Thu Apr-14-22 12:05 PM
If you can get an enemy to a brittle state, whether they are resistant to it or not, you can tee off and take out chunks of their lifebar. It was the best elemental effect in HZD, and for my money still the best in HFW.

Still trying to get a read on the new elemental damage stats. Plasma is cool in theory, but the build up damage doesn't seem to be worth it given the time it takes to react (a focused sharpshot or braced shot does more damage quicker). Purgewater does nullify some of the enemies elemental attacks (especially useful for those freaking Clamberjaws), but not too many weapons that can use those. Acid feels like fire. I suppose it makes some parts easier to farm, but with a good Tearblast arrow it doesn't matter. Neither fire or acid allow anywhere near the damage level that freeze does.