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Topic subjectWent on and finished it this morning. One hell of a ride
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306198, Went on and finished it this morning. One hell of a ride
Posted by spenzalii, Thu Apr-07-22 03:40 PM
The game is far from perfect. Pacing is a problem from the jump. Even with the pre-game movie, if you want to get anything meaningful out of the game you have to have played HZD and FW before starting this game. Hell, the game feels like it has 3 beginnings. At times it feels like they try to give you a better game than HZD by giving you SO MUCH MORE game than HZD, which isn't the same thing. There are more than a few characters that feel like their story or motives were set by today's social climate, and some may find it progressive, hamfisted, cringeworthy or otherwise. There is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much exposition that many times you may as well fix a sandwich and a drink and prepare to listen to 20 minutes of dialogue trees. You COULD skip some of them, but if you hope to figure out what the hell is going on in the game, you probably shouldn't. The ending is kinda mid, even if you know they have to set up a sequel (and even the setup is unfulfilling). Many have criticized Aloy for losing whatever character development she had at the end of HZD, and criticized her crew as having one default 'I'll follow you asn the saviour of Meridian' attitude, and that is 1000% valid

All that said...

This game absolutely SLAPS. Even slogging through the exposition the story of all the clans is absorbing. The combat is still as gratifying as before, with even more options for your style of play. You can still mash through like in HZD with all bows and be fine. You can try some of the other weapons at your disposal (spikes became one of my best friends, I swear). Mix up the valor surges to fit your play style and equipment (and if/when they are nerfed, try something else). The difficulty is definitely higher than HZD, but if you can't adapt, you can tweak the settings a bit to make it a little easier. Almost to a fault you're never without something to do, something to hunt, something to find, someone to help, some lore to understand, some technique to perfect. You're definitely never bored. Even when the game becomes a slog, the environment looks so damn good, the enemies are so varied and challenging, and the options so varied you keep pushing over the next hill or through the next jungle, valley, mountain or desert to see what's next (and there's a crapton of next).

It's better than, and not as good as HZD at the same time, strangely enough. While they tightened up and expanded a number of things from HZD, the sheer size and volume of, well STUFF can make it too much of a good thing more often than not. I don't know if this is GOTY territory, but easy Top 10, possibly Top 5 depending on how the year pans out. You owe it to yourself to try it if you have a PS5 (hell if you have a PS4, get it). I still have a handful of things to do before I can platinum it, which I may do in the coming weeks (I need a break). If they have any DLC and/or release the NG+ option I may give it another go, but after a long decompression (this game is SUPER DENSE). Definitely recommend, warts and all.