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Topic subjectThis game is beautifully exhausting
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306195, This game is beautifully exhausting
Posted by spenzalii, Wed Apr-06-22 09:11 AM
I'm around 130 hours in. I think I have the last mission to go (Singularity?). Got all the collectables (black boxes, ruins, totems, vista points, drones, lenses). Cleared all the cauldrons, got all the Tallnecks, wiped out all the rebel camps and outposts. I think I have about 98% of the side missions done. Did all the salvage contracts and got the armor. At some point I'll finish the arena and work on The Enduring, and then do the rest of the gauntlet runs. I have not played any Strike games, but I probably need to do that for the trophy (but that will be post main game).

The story is killer, the landscape is simply amazing, and the robot designs are outstanding. It's just SO DAMN MUCH GAME. There's always a mission, a sidequest, some rumbling Aloy mentions while you're walking along (there's one spot in the mountains where Aloy keeps mentioning looking at debris that I cannot figure out how to trigger it), an enemy convoy, resources and parts to grind for, EVERYWHERE. I am so glad fast travel is free this go round, because there's no way in hell I'd be walking everywhere. It's been super overwhelming many times when you look at how much else there is to do.

And all this is before any New Game+ release