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Topic subjectRan across one in a side mission last night
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306123, Ran across one in a side mission last night
Posted by spenzalii, Mon Mar-07-22 11:09 AM
Have to move a crane in order to rescue some people. Only problem is, Aloy keeps falling through the crane and into the water instead of stepping on the crabe and grabbing the ladder. Tried scaling a mountain to glide to it, and fell through as well. Decided to save and go to sleep yesterday.

Climbing is kinda weird. There are clearly marked grapple points RIGHT BESIDE Aloy that she may not reach for no matter what angle you come at them or how you swing the camera. Mildly annoying. And swimming is going to take some getting used to. At this point in my sidetracked quest I'm closer to Poseidon than Aether, so I'm not sure which main quest line I'm doing first, but if I get the dive mask at least I can try and get better at the swimming, Latopolis nearly took me out...