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Topic subjectExactly - I had no idea up until the VERY end how far I was through
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306110, Exactly - I had no idea up until the VERY end how far I was through
Posted by soulfunk, Tue Mar-01-22 08:52 AM
the main story line. That being said, I was FOCUSED on the main quests so I could avoid any spoilers. I completed the main story line while only getting to level 30 because I was barely doing any side quests at ALL. I'm sure the fact that I was playing on story mode enabled that.

I noticed the same thing about the companion catchups. It's also weird how they are typically ordered starting with the most recent stuff and then you have more dialogs available for stuff that happened hours ago.

I'll also mention that some of the reason I ignored side quests was it seemed like in the story itself, Aloy should be ignoring them. The world is bout to end and you have a time-sensitive plan to stop that, you don't have time to be taking salvage contracts or running errands for random villagers. The first game had that element also, but there's just a TON more in this game because it's so huge...