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Topic subjectHuge is right. I can't tell where I am in this game at all LOL.
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306109, Huge is right. I can't tell where I am in this game at all LOL.
Posted by Nodima, Mon Feb-28-22 08:36 PM
Either I'm right on the precipice of the final push or I'm only halfway through the game. And I've had this thought at two other points in the story already!

I'm level 38 and have done a lot of the side content, but I'm at a point where I feel like I need to just power through the main questline so I can avoid any spoilers...but the game doesn't seem designed for beelining through it at all. Like those companion catch ups, you can wind up in half hour long conversations if you haven't caught up with a certain person in a while and unfortunately they don't adapt to the state of the world the way quest conversations can so sometimes you're listening to some opinions on stuff that happened, like, 15 hours ago for you.

I will say I can't get out of my head the line from Polygon's review that Forbidden West is obsessed with "more". I feel engorged. Zero Dawn was one of the most focused open world games I'd ever played and this may be the least focused. I'm SHOCKED at how campy this game is willing to get, like this game is not afraid at all at making you roll your eyes at this or that twist in the story, big self-confidence energy from Guerilla that the gameplay and world building will pull you through some real BS.

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