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Topic subjectAbout 6 or so hours into it. Lots of thoughts.
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306071, About 6 or so hours into it. Lots of thoughts.
Posted by Nodima, Fri Feb-18-22 04:55 PM
But I’ll wait and see how some it settles in.

Right now the one thing I can’t stop being impressed by is how much the dialogue interactions and general animation/voice acting has improved. Like it might represent a Witcher 3 level of shift in expectations for these optional chats. Everything is fully and specifically animated based on the conversation and tone of the voice actor, and it’s not all simple A/B mid/close like a Mass Effect (or the first game). There are even interjections from irrelevant people that just happen to be in the room or action going on in the background.

I wouldn’t quite describe it as like RDR2 because it doesn’t have all that emergent conversation that just emerges out of walking around, but when you’re locked into a conversation it’s legit wild how much work went into them compared to any other game.

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