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Topic subjectThat's definitely me since getting shield weaver armor.
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306041, That's definitely me since getting shield weaver armor.
Posted by soulfunk, Mon Jan-24-22 09:01 AM
>I found most people who play this game be tryna arrow
>everything to death. If you use the tools, Aloy will turn into
>the Predator real quick.

On my first playthrough I definitely used traps because there's some machines where you HAVE to. But after that once I got the shield weaver armor it made me invincible enough that I can lay back and shoot different arrow types depending on the enemy, and when that's taking too long just run up on them with Sylens' lance and go to work.

I'll make it a goal over the next few weeks before Forbidden West to get all the Blazing Saddles without using the shield weaver armor so I can get my skills back up.