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Topic subjectHorizon: Forbidden West (PS5/PS4, 2022)
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306031, Horizon: Forbidden West (PS5/PS4, 2022)
Posted by soulfunk, Thu Jan-20-22 10:37 AM
The story trailer for this dropped yesterday:


I've been waiting for this for years. The story in the first Horizon was one of the most captivating pieces of any media I've ever seen...I just replayed a full run-through of it (New Game+ mode) to prep for Forbidden West, and I'm still blown away by how deep the lore is in the world Guerilla created. Also the gameplay, graphics, and obviously, and feel hold up wonderfully 5 years after release. I bought my PS5 JUST to play Horizon Forbidden West on a new generation console.

If you're like me and even more interested in the story/lore than the gameplay, Random Side Quest is an outstanding channel to check out on YouTube...here's his breakdown on the story trailer, with some theories on what might be coming: