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Topic subjectAnyone have a magic keyboard?
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306029, Anyone have a magic keyboard?
Posted by L_O_Quent, Thu Jan-20-22 04:23 AM
What are your thoughts on it? Mulling it verse the smart folio + Magic Trackpad and tryin to figure out the pros and cons.

Is it hella heavy? Are the viewing angles wide enough? I’m 6’4.

Most of the reviews of it are either too close to when it came out or kinda arbitrary so I thought I’d ask here.
306057, RE: Anyone have a magic keyboard?
Posted by BreezeBoogie, Tue Feb-08-22 09:50 PM
It's heavy as fuck. I've had it for a while now. Works well, durable and protective. I haven't check specs but I'm pretty sure that my iPad outweighs my MBP with this keyboard is attached. Also, you have to remove the tablet from the case to use it in portrait mode. At this price and weight, Apple should have solved for everything else.
306058, thanks
Posted by L_O_Quent, Fri Feb-11-22 05:52 AM
the weight and lack of protection is what turned me off to it.
306074, The magic keyboard is the reason why I hadn’t powered on my
Posted by Fishgrease, Sat Feb-19-22 08:32 PM
Laptop in almost 2 years. I won’t say that it’s worth the retail asking price but if you ever catch one on sale, it’s worth it.

I’m actually typing on it right now.

306075, ive had the Folio Touch with track pad for about 2 weeks
Posted by HecticHavoc, Sun Feb-20-22 04:30 PM
I like it a lot. Almost bought the magic keyboard but read a lot about this one and everyone seemed happy with it. I tend to prefer when I am just holding the ipad and scrolling that its better to have the case off. It is best when its on a desk so the backstop can hold it up. on a couch with your legs out in front, its pretty solid. but if you are laying down its pretty useless to be honest. i'm not a fan of folding it back behind the iPad and holding it with the keys facing out.

my favorite part is you dont have to charge it (im sure the magic has same tech). if you want to save the money, you aren't missing out on this bad boy...
306082, I’ve been looking at
Posted by L_O_Quent, Tue Feb-22-22 03:23 AM
The one with the removable keyboard from Logitech. Still haven’t decided though.
306083, I have the Magic Keyboard and Trackpad
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Tue Feb-22-22 08:48 AM
They travel with me constantly, I don't find them to be too heavy at all. The Magic Trackpad might be my favorite Mac accessory of all time.
306088, that's high praise
Posted by L_O_Quent, Wed Feb-23-22 06:04 AM