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Topic subjectX-Play is back, and the hate runs deep
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306020, X-Play is back, and the hate runs deep
Posted by spenzalii, Fri Jan-14-22 04:36 PM

Frosk isn't wrong, but man, the comments are going in. Which I suppose is to be expected. Gaming culture kinda is bigoted, racist, sexist, add-an-ist if you like. That's not news, and not gonna change. But whether the dislike of Frosk comes from not liking her reviews or not liking her personally is harder to say. I don't follow any eSports so I can't say what past issues she may or may not have. I get people may not like the format change, but it's good to see Sess back, and it's a nice come-up for The Completionist, who I've tuned in for a couple years.

I think G4 has a ways to go to get out from under their SpikeTV days
306021, Olivia Munn though...
Posted by jetblack, Fri Jan-14-22 10:32 PM
She was on TV because she is attractive. Period. Frosk probably have better gaming knowledge but she will be compared to the previous hosts physically.
306022, it's funny. you gotta bunch of white dudes explaining that they're really upset
Posted by Rjcc, Sun Jan-16-22 12:30 AM
and that it's not because they're sexist

I haven't watched a second of new G4 and don't plan on it, but it's not that hard to figure out where the problem is

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
306026, It's nice G4 is back, but I'm not entirely sure who it's for
Posted by spenzalii, Wed Jan-19-22 11:24 AM
Nostalgia, yeah, and it's nice to see Sess again, I suppose. But I don't know how many older gamers are gonna tune in (I mean, I play games, but I got kids and a mortgage, so bigger fish to fry) and I don't see how it works with the younger generation either.