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Topic subjectpicked up a 14" mbp
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305898, picked up a 14" mbp
Posted by beeinfinite, Tue Nov-02-21 07:49 AM
it's chonky and square, but very well built. the black on black keyboard is awesome and i prefer it over the old.

performance is snappy and i haven't heard the fans come on yet. i have the m1 max 32gpu variant.

size and weight is perfect. glad i went with 14 over 16. the screen has a lot real estate, the notch is not an issue and you stop noticing it shortly after you look at it for the first time. it disappears in full screen mode completely.

speakers are phenomenal. the magsafe charge is great, cable is braided, feels premium and well built.

screen is beautiful and bright. there is 0 backlight bleed, screen was pitch black during backlight bleed tests, however, there is some blooming around white objects on a black screen but its not too bad.

was expensive, but worth it. highly recommend.