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Topic subjectyou should go to an apple store to decide
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305895, you should go to an apple store to decide
Posted by beeinfinite, Mon Nov-01-21 08:42 AM
i've read many stories of people buying the 16 and returning it because it was too heavy, afterward, stating that the 14 is the perfect size / weight.

>The 16" M1 Pro base and 32 gb ram models has the best battery
>up to 16 hours.

keep in mind, battery is shortened significantly when using at full load. you're not going to be editing 4k video for 16 hours. the difference between the 14 and 16 is 2 to 3 hours.

>The 16" has a slightly easier to reach keyboard and better
>speakers compared to the 14" m1 pro.

>The 16" M1 Max has the best gaming performance. Video editing
>and music production is similar across pro and max configs.

i wouldn't buy these machines for gaming. still not anything stellar although better.

>The 14" weighs less and has a smaller 3K resolution.


>Not sure what to buy considering this device has to last 8
>years like my late 2013 mbp. Leaning towards m1 max with 64 gb
>ram, 8 tb storage, and the 32 core gpu.

if you don't mind the weight, go for the 16.

i purchased a 14 m1 max with 32gb and 2tb. unless you're running many virtual machines simultaneously, working with massive data sets, or insane polygon counts for 3d, 64 is overkill. there is a pretty good video comparing the 16gb to 32gb with no performance differences between the two, but it's your money.