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Topic subjectDoes anyone still play?
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306171, Does anyone still play?
Posted by nipsey, Wed Mar-23-22 05:39 PM
I never bought the campaign. I just play the free multiplayer a few times a week.

I'm much better than I was when I started.

But 50% of my games are 1:1 K/D ratio
25% I do really well
25% I finish something like 7K/10D

As an aside, I'm not deep into video games anymore so I had no idea people were able to cheat on console games. Sometimes I felt like something was off where some guys seem to dominate easily. I'm talking about 30K/6D types of domination.

I did my googles and apparently there are programmable devices you can connect to the controller to improve your aim and other attributes. I really didn't realize that stuff like this was going on. It really ruins the experience of playing multiplayer.