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Topic subjectHalo Infinite Beta....
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305814, Halo Infinite Beta....
Posted by ne_atl, Fri Sep-24-21 04:36 PM
Beta is live for those who signed up. Its dope
305815, RE: Halo Infinite Beta....
Posted by nipsey, Fri Sep-24-21 09:13 PM
I missed out on the beta. I never find out about these things until they pass.
305821, i just got in on the new Beta Period for this upcoming weekend
Posted by nipsey, Mon Sep-27-21 03:33 PM
“ Want to join in on this weekend's (Oct. 1-3) #HaloInfinite Multiplayer Tech Preview? You can download the build via the Xbox Insider Hub starting right now! Halo Insider or not, you can join on on the action.”
305827, servers online..
Posted by ne_atl, Fri Oct-01-21 08:37 PM
I know its mostly nostalgia, but its dope
305828, I haven't played in so long
Posted by nipsey, Sat Oct-02-21 01:33 AM
I need to get used to the rhythm again.
305829, it took me a few games
Posted by ne_atl, Sat Oct-02-21 02:11 PM
I started out avg 4 kills. Now up to 12 or more a game
305932, Multiplayer is free for everyone as of today
Posted by ne_atl, Mon Nov-15-21 03:07 PM
XBOX 20 year anniversary gift to everyone
305933, Yup Yup
Posted by nipsey, Tue Nov-16-21 02:00 AM
I've played a few matches.
305960, Easily the best campaign since Reach
Posted by Lach, Thu Dec-09-21 10:08 AM
I couldn't put it down yesterday. Too much fun. 343 finally got this right with the Far Cry-ish open world missions design.
305961, I'm trying to get through it on the hardest level
Posted by ne_atl, Thu Dec-09-21 01:35 PM
The AI in this game is insane. The way they flank and split up is crazy. Very dope game
305962, Good luck. I'm playing on Normal and still sometimes getting bodied
Posted by Lach, Thu Dec-09-21 07:19 PM
305964, nah, that didnt last long. Back to normal....lol
Posted by ne_atl, Fri Dec-10-21 09:24 PM
305965, I can’t even imagine.
Posted by JFrost1117, Fri Dec-10-21 10:13 PM
The Spartan Killers fucked my shit up on Normal.
305967, LOL. Yeah I might try the harder difficulties once co-op play drops
Posted by Lach, Sat Dec-11-21 03:16 PM
305963, I just stopped playing.
Posted by JFrost1117, Fri Dec-10-21 03:25 AM
This shit is dope. I actually just finished Reach, and this is on-par. Salute to Game Pass but I would've purchased and pre-ordered this if I didn't have it.

Is anyone playing in 4K? The pilot guy is looking kinda weird in 1080, but fake Cortana looks pretty cool.
305968, yeah I'm playing in 4K. That dude does look weird tho
Posted by Lach, Sat Dec-11-21 03:17 PM
Like his model is very last gen looking but everything else looks current.
305966, My boy in the Pelican keeps killing the people I rescue.
Posted by JFrost1117, Fri Dec-10-21 10:16 PM
Patch the AI to not stand right underneath falling vehicles.
305974, Thoroughly enjoyed the campaign
Posted by Lach, Mon Dec-13-21 01:56 PM
Now I'm trying to do every other little side mission in the game. It's fun just hopping in a wasp and swooping in mopping them up.
305979, RE: Thoroughly enjoyed the campaign
Posted by JFrost1117, Tue Dec-14-21 03:09 AM
As soon as I finished the campaign, I was back on the drugs like "Oh, there's a squad to rescue right there in walking distance!" and "Oh, another FOB to capture!". I get that it's Far Cry-esque, but I really enjoy that "One more thing" game mechanic.

I'm adding explanation videos to my YouTube "Watch Later" list because I've played every Halo game, but that lore will get away from you, quickly.

Somebody here unlock the Legendary secret ending (there's gotta be one), because I know I'll never see it, outside of YT.
305981, I'm trying to figure out if I got all the propaganda poles
Posted by Lach, Tue Dec-14-21 02:29 PM
I'm about to go to youtube and just look where they all are supposed to be lol
305982, The grunt that found MC’s name is John is the funniest shit ever.
Posted by JFrost1117, Tue Dec-14-21 11:38 PM
I wanna knock the big Atriox ones down, but hear the grunt ones like, “Bitch shut up.”
305983, Got all FOB’s and HVT’s clear.
Posted by JFrost1117, Thu Dec-16-21 09:40 AM
I can’t really tell the difference between the “special” weapons you get from HVT’s, outside of fire rate or shot distance.
305984, This shit
Posted by ne_atl, Thu Dec-16-21 11:55 PM

random, and I love it
305989, I’m hoping “Infinite” means they’re going to expand the story a few times.
Posted by JFrost1117, Fri Dec-17-21 10:46 PM
Give us at least 2 story DLC packs. I’m hoping they patch in being able to redo campaign missions, too, because there are some skulls that you can’t go back for.
305990, YES! Me too.
Posted by Lach, Sat Dec-18-21 12:59 PM
I need more of this asap
305996, I really suck at this game.
Posted by L_O_Quent, Sun Jan-02-22 04:01 PM
305997, RE: I really suck at this game.
Posted by ne_atl, Sun Jan-02-22 10:38 PM
I'm averaging about 12 kills per game but also averaging about 12 deaths per game. Im a detriment mostly
305998, bruhhhh. it's hard getting back into the dance of halo
Posted by Rjcc, Sun Jan-02-22 10:43 PM
I personally turned games around for my team just by being less aggressive and not feeding

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
306000, I remember my son trying to play Halo 3 when he was a toddler
Posted by Lach, Mon Jan-03-22 03:47 PM
I'd let him hold the controller, help him shoot and act like he was doing something. Now this little booger is 17 saying I'm holding back his team in Infinite. LOL. He kicked me out of a party the other night saying daddy why don't you go back to your call of duty. You don't know how to play Halo anymore. He's right tho. I was yelling at the screen like WHY IS IT TAKING SO MANY SHOTS TO KILL THESE MOFOS!
306012, lol
Posted by ne_atl, Thu Jan-13-22 10:46 PM
Sound like my 14yr old when I join them in Apex Legends. He will not start a match until I leave the game.

In Halo my sniper aim is coming together. I still stink one on one with the battle rifle.
Posted by Rjcc, Fri Jan-14-22 07:09 AM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
306017, Frustrates the hell out of me
Posted by Lach, Fri Jan-14-22 08:47 AM
I've been playing Hardcore mode in Call of Duty for so many years that I'm not use to how many shots it takes to kill someone in Halo.
306018, Unload a full clip, melee and then a grenade
Posted by ne_atl, Fri Jan-14-22 04:05 PM
and these fools still end up killing me.
Posted by nipsey, Wed Mar-23-22 05:24 PM
This me.
306013, bro, you got a 17 year old?!!
Posted by ne_atl, Thu Jan-13-22 10:48 PM
Time flies!
306016, yeah man. Same baby I had on my lap trying to play 2K5 online lol
Posted by Lach, Fri Jan-14-22 08:45 AM
And my daughter is about to turn 21 next month. We all got old.
306019, damn, thats right, your daughter is the oldest
Posted by ne_atl, Fri Jan-14-22 04:07 PM
and at 21. Yes, we old
306171, Does anyone still play?
Posted by nipsey, Wed Mar-23-22 05:39 PM
I never bought the campaign. I just play the free multiplayer a few times a week.

I'm much better than I was when I started.

But 50% of my games are 1:1 K/D ratio
25% I do really well
25% I finish something like 7K/10D

As an aside, I'm not deep into video games anymore so I had no idea people were able to cheat on console games. Sometimes I felt like something was off where some guys seem to dominate easily. I'm talking about 30K/6D types of domination.

I did my googles and apparently there are programmable devices you can connect to the controller to improve your aim and other attributes. I really didn't realize that stuff like this was going on. It really ruins the experience of playing multiplayer.
306172, Yeah I play a few times a week
Posted by Lach, Wed Mar-23-22 09:10 PM
Right now it's the only game I really play cuz after a long day I just want to mindlessly shoot online.
306173, I can’t play again until they make the campaign replayable.
Posted by JFrost1117, Wed Mar-23-22 09:10 PM
I’ve never gone into an actual multiplayer match but I like customizing my Spartan with the stuff I unlocked in the campaign.
306174, RE: Does anyone still play?
Posted by upUPNorth, Thu Mar-24-22 08:03 AM
I can still enjoy it, but I don't get pulled in every week on my own. Mainly the event weeks lately. Finished the campaign back in January, the battle pass later. I think I'm alright but I'm not making any claims lol, I can have some great games sometimes, and frustrating ones too. I don't really play ranked. I'll probably check out Season 2.

Part of the cheating problem is that they allow crossplay since its on PC and their Gamepass, so a lot of the cheating comes from there.
306185, I play but not much as I use to
Posted by ne_atl, Thu Mar-31-22 06:11 PM
Stats - https://halotracker.com/halo-infinite/profile/xbl/whoSneXt
306199, RE: I play but not much as I use to
Posted by nipsey, Sat Apr-09-22 01:54 PM
Here are my stats:

306242, Season 2: Lone Wolves Now Available
Posted by nipsey, Tue May-03-22 08:26 PM