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Topic subjectRE: 10 Videogames That Changed Your Life
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305757, RE: 10 Videogames That Changed Your Life
Posted by handle, Tue Aug-24-21 02:08 PM
1: Donkey Kong - First game to really get me addicted.

2:Pac-Man; I was anti-pattern until I tried it. Loved the deterministic quality.

3: Excitebike - First game I truly mastered, could literally play it for HOURS on a quarter. often I'd walk away form it and just let other people play the lives.

4:Shadow of the Beast (Amiga version) - Craziest graphics

5:Street Fighter II (arcade) - Got me addicted again

6:NBA Jam - Another one where'd I'd go into an arcade to play

7: Unreal Tournament 2004 - Got me back into games