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305720, hell yeah
Posted by Options, Thu Jul-22-21 08:24 AM
>there's something about SFII in arcades that could never be
>replicated. people who were even semi-good at it were local
>legends, and putting those quarters down to be next in line
>was like entering the Octagon for an adolescent.

well said. actually rubbing shoulders with complete strangers as you prepared to battle it out in some smokey, potentially sketchy arcade is some real character-building stuff, haha.

>loved this game; Saturn conversion was fun and VOOT made me
>buy a Dreamcast. it really only works in the arcade though,
>especially with the versus cabinets facing each other.

I remember a buddy describing the original game before I played it and me struggling to imagine it in action. VOOT was one of the few games I had in my Dreamcast library, and while it was still great, it's definitely one of those games/series that needs to be played in its natural habitat for the true experience.

>ESP Ra.De for me (also a Cave title though). never loved the
>memorization pattern shooters but the bullet hell shoot-em-up
>hit the spot. there is nothing in gaming like navigating an
>impossible section of a Cave bullet hell shooter.

MAN! I went back and forth on Guwange or ESP Ra.De. for my list. ESP was the one that lured me into the genre seriously, and Guwange sealed the deal. I really hope it gets re-released on modern consoles like the other Cave titles.

>so much Tetris. my Dad loved it, so it was sort of the one
>game we could share common ground on (he didn't mess with
>videogames after that until years later, when he got addicted
>to Gran Turismo)

I'm always a bit jealous when I hear about people playing games with their parents. my folks humored me on a few occasions, but they were never *into* it. must be so dope to experience a game with a parent who's just as excited as you are.