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Topic subjectRE: 10 Videogames That Changed Your Life
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305710, RE: 10 Videogames That Changed Your Life
Posted by HecticHavoc, Fri Jul-16-21 05:17 PM
in no particular order

1) Street Fighter II Arcade - probably the first game i went actual insane lengths to get really good at. I was absolutely confident i was the best Ryu player on the west coast of the United States
2) Goldeneye 64 - i can still hear the guns sounds in my head perfectly
3) Metal Gear Solid II - I doubt i'll ever play a game that immersed me more into the environment than this.
4) Sekiro - first game i ever platinum'd. hardest game i will ever play without a doubt.
5) Company of Heroes 2 - only PC game that will be on my list but the only PC game ill ever need
6) Twisted Metal - hard to find a more fun multiplayer game at that time
7) Madden - i wont say a particular year, but I have played too many seasons in franchise mode to leave it off my list
8) Tiger Woods 2002 - i also thought i was the best tiger woods player on the west coast. i rarely lost to anybody in this game
9) NHL Hitz 2002 - probably the most fun multiplayer game of the early 21st century
10) MLB The Show 21 - i chose this because i've logged over 100 hours on RTTS already, and for the most part, i fucking hate it, because it has more bullshit than fun, but i am too obsessed with hitting dingers. so i guess it changed my life because i realized i go back to it even tho its more anger than fun. 60-40 split.