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Topic subjectYeah, the game takes a turn about halfway through
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305701, Yeah, the game takes a turn about halfway through
Posted by Nodima, Mon Jul-12-21 05:06 PM
There are still zombies around, but they've moved locations, and several of them have been replaced with Hunters (think I dunno, green reptile-like Street Sharks lol) that are much faster and stronger as well as spiders that poison you and slow you down.

The Remake adds another "fun" wrinkle where random zombies you've previously killed can reanimate as Crimson Heads that are faster and stronger also, which means if you're a total wuss like me there's a real incentive to play as Chris since he carries a lighter he can burn their bodies with, a smart change since in the original it didn't make much sense to not play as Jill with her lockpick.

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