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Topic subjectRE: 10 Videogames That Changed Your Life
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305700, RE: 10 Videogames That Changed Your Life
Posted by upUPNorth, Sun Jul-11-21 09:20 PM
You brought back a few memories with this one. The Resident Evil mentions here have sorta made me realize that games importance, but my lack of affinity for horror as a genre overall means it didn't stand out to me. It is the only RE I've played though, thinking back, my sister liked horror and would watch me play, I did not get very far in that game for a very long time, like barely half the mansion, for I don't know how long. There were rooms I would expect a scare from that were just atmospheric, no matter how often I'd been in it. Does anyone remember the back of the jewel case? there was a picture of the scene in that hallway, but with a giant spider instead of the dogs that jump in the window. Was that a thing in the game? I never encountered it but always wondered.

I think I only had Mechwarrior 3 back then, definitely have memories of it, felt beyond me at the time but I got kinda far in it once. I do really love the design of that game and the missions and 'maps', kinda similar to how I felt about Ghost Recon in my list, they felt like landscapes that you had to figure out how to fight in without obvious cues, I miss that feeling.

I completely forgot about The Carmen Sandiego Series, I know I had one game, not sure if I remember anything I learned from it.