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305690, RE: 10 Videogames That Changed Your Life
Posted by jimaveli, Mon Jul-05-21 01:25 PM
>Not saying they're the best. Not even saying that they're
>your favorite.
>More so, these games changed the way you actually LOOKED and
>THOUGHT about videogames.

There's a bunch but I'll skip some stuff to try to hit the main ones.

1. Super Mario 3: I thought I had seen it all once I got Mario to fly. Holy shit did I love that game.

2. Tecmo Super Bowl: playing a season with the stats, injuries, and leaderboards!? Shiiiid.

3. Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition: fighting games were and are still the shit. This is the game that made that clear to me and mine the first time.

4. Fire Pro Wrestling: 6-man Scramble: customization for that azz! I still dabble in Fire Pro World on PS4 now. Such a beautiful system for a wrestling game.

5. Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 is still my favorite time playing wrestling games. The All Japan dudes were king shit, and making all of the WWF/WCW dudes was an option too. Loved that game, floaty arms and boxy bodies be damned.

6. Street Fighter 4 is probably why I still play video games. All of those red ring XBox 360s, EA killing NFL 2k, and a bunch of going out and acting fool had me drifting far away from games. SF4 put me back on the controller. I still regret not getting to play people in person more on that game.

7. God of War 3: Also kept me into games when I was starting to drift off. It was the reason I got a PS3 (which I still have hooked up to a TV).

8. Ninja Gaiden 2 (The Xbox one): wow. I still can't finish it on a level higher than normal but I really felt this hard ass/occasionally shady game (getting hit by projectiles from someone off screen is bullshit to the max). That staircase stage is legendary.

9. NCAA Football (the Sega Genesis years then the PS1 games): this bullshit broken set of games brought me and a bunch of dudes I didn't know together in college. We're all still friends TILL THIS DAY because of the absurd number of hours we put down on this game.

I will now cheat with a 2 in 1: 10. the 2k sports games:

NFL 2k5: EA is still some mark azz tricks for robbing us of more of this game. Who knows how pay to play it would be by now but we deserved to find out, damnit. It is a DAMN shame that Madden right now is still missing shit that was in this old ass game.

NBA 2k2: it was wide open but I considered it the perfect bball game. It was NBA Jam, NBA Live, Run and Gun, and Double Dribble somehow all packaged together in my mind. You could post, play defense, make open shots, box out/rebound, and generally do some rock solid video game hooping. It was sim enough without feeling sterile and restrictive. Sure, Reggie Miller in the 4th quarter was broken, but c'mon. Shit was still hella fun.

I will now really cheat to make sure I bring up Punch Out and Mike Tyson's Punch Out. I remember my pops taking me to the corner store on Sundays to play Punch Out cuz I was dying to get to and beat Sandman. It took a shitload of Sundays but I eventually got there. Then, whoever they made me fight after that, I was so mentally shot that I promptly got knocked out. I didn't GAF tho!

And I remember rounding up every dollar I had to my name to get MTPO from Toys R Us and boy was it fucking worth it. I played it a ton until I could get to and beat Mike Tyson regularly. About 10 years ago, I tried to beat that fucker and couldn't do it. I try again every few years. Still no dice. I'm overdue to try again sometime. We'll see. I can get pretty close but I'll fuck it off in the 3rd round when I can remember and/or react to some rando shit that he does.