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Topic subject10. Perfect Cell (iOS)
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305685, 10. Perfect Cell (iOS)
Posted by hardware, Thu Jul-01-21 07:57 AM
kinda changed the way i thought about the ipad at the time and the platform for gaming control schemes

9. Sam & Max
I had never played such a polished point and click adventure game with that much humor

8. Kentucky Route Zero
Similar to sam and max but i hadn't played a game so cinematic, intimate, and well directed

7. Super Mario Bros
first game i ever played

6. Cosmic Courier: Trapped in Limbo
idk if this counts but this is a game i made with a few others for a game jam and actually working on a team to put a project together was life changing

5. Jet Set Radio
I think this game solidified that there were games out there made specifically for me.

4. Dragon Quest 8
i thought i hated RPGs until i played this. So much heart in the storytelling

3. Snatcher
I used to make games in basic that were basically text adventures. Playing snatcher took me back to those times and made me remember how you dont need crazy computer power to make a page turner

2. Link's Awakening
First time i'd ever played a top down action game AND game that REQUIRED you to read. i played this when i was 7 and didnt understand it. came back a year later and it was one of the most fulfilling gaming experiences i ever had

1. Persona 5
This one actually changed my real life. The storytelling through the social links made me re-evaluate the way i was treating the relationships in my actual life