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Topic subjectMicrosoft's Windows 11 reveal event: Every upgrade announced (swipe)
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305668, Microsoft's Windows 11 reveal event: Every upgrade announced (swipe)
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Thu Jun-24-21 06:19 PM
Is anyone excited about Windows 11?


Microsoft's Windows 11 reveal event: Every upgrade announced
The tech giant is making Windows 11 work with as many apps and devices as possible, including Xbox technology, Android apps and more.

Ian Sherr headshot
Ian Sherr
June 24, 2021 12:25 p.m. PT

When you choose which computer or smartphone to buy these days, you have to pick between several ecosystems. There's Apple's software, which powers the Mac computer, iPhones and iPads, all designed to work together to help you share files, video chat and watch TV as easily as possible. There's Google's Android, which powers an array of phones, tablets and computers. But with Windows 11, Microsoft wants to break that mold.

The software giant said Thursday that its next major version of Windows will launch as a free upgrade this fall, offering a host of new features that in some ways appear designed to position Microsoft as the company whose products work with ones from Apple, Google and pretty much anyone else.

The company's expanding its support for the Android app for example, allowing people to more easily run phone apps on their computer. Microsoft's building its Teams software into Windows in a similar way as Apple's FaceTime is built into Macs -- except Microsoft doesn't want it to be exclusive. There's already a Microsoft Teams app for Mac, iPhones and Androids. (Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella even told a reporter he'd be happy to accept FaceTime onto Microsoft computers.)

"With Windows 11, we have a renewed sense of Windows' role in the world," Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said while announcing the new software Thursday. "Today, the world needs a more open platform, one that allows apps to become a platform in their own right. Windows is a platform where things that are bigger than Windows can be born, like the web."

Microsoft's move to upgrade Windows comes at a time when demand for computers is higher than it's ever been. Over the past year, the pandemic upended billions of lives and forced many people to work from home. That meant many of them needed new computers, better internet connections and peripherals like large monitors to display their work. Now, as vaccines allow some countries to begin reopening, workers are pushing for hybrid work options, effectively making their home office experience permanent.

For tech companies, that's meant a boom in demand that's helped lead to chip and other supply shortages across the industry. Still, analysts estimate laptop and desktop computers may see their highest-ever sales this year.

Below are all the details we learned during Microsoft's event Thursday.

Windows 11 will be a free download for Windows 10 users this holiday

Windows 11 may be a big update to Microsoft-powered computers, but the company says it'll still be a free update for existing users when it arrives this holiday season.

Additionally, Microsoft said companies will begin selling "Windows 11-ready PCs" before launch.

Windows 11 will be free to download for existing Windows 10 users

Teams is taking on Apple's FaceTime and App Store

One of the biggest complaints about FaceTime is that it only runs on Apple devices. And even though Apple announced that this fall, Apple users can invite Android and Windows people into FaceTime calls, it's not like they have full access to the app.

Well, Microsoft believes its answer will be with its Teams software. The first way it'll do that is by building Teams into the Windows 11 taskbar -- so, essentially, no need to install Teams separately anymore. With Teams available on Apple and Android devices already, that goes a long way toward helping Teams become a bit more competitive.

Windows 11 guns for Apple FaceTime with Microsoft's beefed-up Teams video calls
That's not all, Microsoft also said it'll allow developers on its Microsoft Store for Windows 11 to keep all the money they make, rather than the industry standard practice of charging up to a 30% commission for app purchases.

The tech giant also said developers can use any commerce technology they want, which again is a shift from Apple and Google's policies of requiring app developers use their payments processing service, which automatically deducts their commission.

Microsoft unveils new Microsoft Store for Windows 11; lets developers keep all the money

Microsoft is making your computer more like an Xbox

One of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's newest mantras is that Microsoft is "all in" on gaming. With Windows 11, Microsoft's folding in features like "Auto HDR," which uses computer intelligence to enhance the visuals in a video game. "The difference is stunning," said Xbox ecosystem exec Sarah Bond said during the event.

Windows 11 adds Xbox tech for better gaming

Windows 11 is official

Microsoft officially announces Windows 11 (The name is real!). There's a bunch of new features, such as a Mac-like look, Microsoft Teams built in kinda like Apple's FaceTime, and widgets.

Windows 11 starts out buggy

Microsoft has an interesting history with live demos. Famously, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates had a major crash in a live demo of Windows 98. Now, it appears Microsoft's having the problem again. Just as Microsoft was about to announce the name of its new Windows 11 software, the company's livestream dropped.

About to begin

Microsoft's big event is about to begin. In the meantime you can enjoy that apparently someone found reference to the name Windows 11 in one of Microsoft's code bases in the Github service it runs, according to Bleeping Computer. So, there you have it. But honestly, with all the speculation about the name and all the hints, if Microsoft doesn't call this Windows 11, most people will probably think the last few weeks were an elaborate prank by the company's marketing team.
305670, has anyone done the free upgrade yet?
Posted by ThaTruth, Sun Jun-27-21 05:02 PM
305677, To Windows 11?
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Tue Jun-29-21 10:30 PM
I think that upgrade is projected to come out sometime in the fall.

There are some reviews out there about a Preview image floating around. But I'm sure that preview has to be so buggy that it won't have quite the same performance as the completed OS that'll be released. I'll adjust my excitement based on those reviews of the final release.

The UI looks interesting. But if it wasn't free I don't know if I'd pay the extra fee just to use it.

305697, I'm running the preview on my daily driver laptop
Posted by Rjcc, Fri Jul-09-21 07:10 PM
it works well, has been more stable than some windows 10 update previews I've used.

the UI changes are fairly good, I think it will be a good update generally
www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
305843, It's only been a day but so far so good with the upgrade
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Sat Oct-09-21 11:59 PM
I said earlier that I wasn't hyped about installing the new OS. But last night, I had some downtime and decided to update my desktop.

The process was straightforward. It only took about 40 minutes total, including downloading the OS.

Windows 11 seems a bit faster than Windows 10. I don't know if the difference is real or if the subtle animations used to load the windows, but apps seem to load quicker than in Windows 10.

The center alignment of the Start menu isn't intrusive. Yes, I did move my cursor to the lower left of the screen a few times. But for the most part, the transition to this new arrangement hasn't caused any significant issues.

Some of the Universal Microsoft apps weren't upgraded. Some reports made mention of reskinned apps like Calculator and Your Phone. Those apps appear the same as in Windows 10. Maybe the upgrades will happen sooner.

The new Ribbon is gonna take a bit to get used to. The Windows 10 Ribbon was more visually appealing, but the new Ribbon's UI is more streamlined and simple than the old version.

All in all, I'm satisfied with the upgrade. But it also isn't as much of a leap forward as Windows 8 was to Windows 10. It's worth getting but if you don't feel pressed to upgrade, take your time.

Has anyone here upgraded?
305844, I've been running the beta for a while
Posted by Rjcc, Sun Oct-10-21 04:20 PM
it's been pretty solid on all of my PCs

the biggest problem I had was taking my 2 in 1 pc back to windows 10 because I was going to give it to my sister, and the windows 10 install had some weird driver problem.

if your computer is close to spec, I probably wouldn't force the update just bc going back if they cut you off is more trouble than it's worth

there are some tests that show a hit to gaming performance with and cpus, I have an and CPU and everything runs fine, but I didn't benchmark it pre/post upgrade, all the shit I play runs fast enough that I'm not going to notice 5-10fps more or less

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
305845, Trash.
Posted by Steve Jobs, Mon Oct-11-21 08:43 PM


Think Different.

Recycle your e-waste, please.