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Topic subjectI finally got an RTX 3070 - and I scalped it
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305598, I finally got an RTX 3070 - and I scalped it
Posted by handle, Fri Apr-23-21 04:00 PM
I sold my 1080 last year in expectations of buying a RTX 3070 to replace it.

Then the supply wasn't there to get it.

So about 10 days ago I got one from Bestbuy.com for $499+Tax. It arrived.

I stupidly looked a Craigslist and OfferUp and saw they were reselling for $1200-$1300 and more like $1400-$1500 on eBay.

Well - I scalped it for $1200 cash in like an hour (inside of a bank where they withdrew the money and I put into my account - so 0 risk.)

I couldn't leave that money on the table.

Praise me - or damn me - your choice.

305599, you and others like you are the reason i can't get a card
Posted by bearfield, Fri Apr-23-21 04:29 PM
idk why you're looking for praise or damnation here, or why you felt the need to share this info
305601, I had a 3080 in my best buy cart a month ago...
Posted by Lach, Mon Apr-26-21 09:57 AM
and you know what happened. Out of all the times to do all this credit card validation mess, that's when Best Buy chooses to do it. So the card I had on file had to run the gamut smh. When I was done, GONE. I gave up trying to get one. My son and I running the 2070 till we can walk in a store and copy a 30 series.
305611, Got a 3080 from Mico Center back in December
Posted by Paps_Smear, Sun May-02-21 09:47 PM
Got there early in the am and just waited. Truck came before they opened and they had a ton of cards. This is after trying online for months and having the bots and scalpers take them all.

If you have a micro center near you they get deliveries Tues-Thurs. Right now its your best shot at getting one.
305612, I got a 3060ti
Posted by Mafamaticks, Mon May-03-21 08:32 AM
I'm keeping mine.

with shortages looking like they're going into late 2021/early 2022, somebody would have to pay me something ridiculous in order for me to let it go