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Posted by jimaveli, Fri Dec-03-21 12:08 PM
>all of the exclusives come out next year. Mine still sitting
>in the box waiting for Sifu and the new God of War

That's kinda where my head's at.

I originally thought about trying to make 'controller and games' money for selling it ebay or whatever safe online/not in person method I could use. But that's counting on someone being thirsty enough to pay a wild amount for it.

Folks seem to be regularly paying 800-ish for a console. But by the time I ship and pay whatever rake ebay takes, I don't know if I'm really all that amped.

And even with that, I'd be right back at waiting around for another easy shot at a PS5. I literally got an Amazon link texted to me the day before Thanksgiving and it worked like I was ordering some socks...no cart drama, no delays, no nothing. It showed up on Black Friday.