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305946, Add me to the list
Posted by jimaveli, Mon Nov-29-21 09:58 AM
>Literally had it for a week now.
>I'm digging it. 4K Blu-rays look amazing.
>Spider-Man: Miles Morales was hella fun (beat it last night.
>Just have side missions to do).
>Very happy do far.

A buddy sent me an Amazon link last Wednesday afternoon. I made the 'say word?/I don't believe you' face. I clicked the link. It worked immediately without issue and a PS5 showed up at my door 2 days later. All of this was much to my surprise!

I've thought about Ebaying it and then just getting one to keep for myself sometime next year or whatever.

I've thought about copping a 2nd controller, a physical copy of NBA 2k22, a digital copy of Spiderman, and hoping that I just hit some buttons to get Firepro Wrestling, Guilty Gear Strive, and SFV transferred from my PS4.

I KNOW that I'm not selling it to a stranger in person cuz I'm not trying to get clapped over a damn Playstation. Houston keeps a story on the news about silly shit like that for that good ole ooga booga.

Right now, I'm just waiting. I'll decide by the weekend and go from there. I'm leaning towards just keeping it.