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Topic subjectyeah the only way is a big-ass bundle
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305559, yeah the only way is a big-ass bundle
Posted by HecticHavoc, Tue Mar-16-21 11:08 AM
I was camping out for the gamestop bundle, but at just under $800 after tax, scalpers avoid the bundles thankfully.

im not even mad. i realized when I opened up Miles Morales that it also comes with remastered spiderman (one of my all time fav games)

MM is super smooth, still adjusting to the controller, slingin around the city is actually a bit clunkier and not as smooth as the ps4 controller and previous game, but maybe I just need to play more.

i also put the Cold War disc in so it could update, its going to take upwards of 5 hours. but i probably wont play cold war for a few months, im all in on spidey.