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Topic subjectI copped a PS5 last week.
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305449, I copped a PS5 last week.
Posted by bwood, Tue Jan-05-21 09:11 AM
Literally had it for a week now.

I'm digging it. 4K Blu-rays look amazing.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales was hella fun (beat it last night. Just have side missions to do).

Very happy do far.
305451, I found a 3060ti quicker than I found a PS5
Posted by Mafamaticks, Wed Jan-06-21 05:59 PM
looks like I'm gonna build a gaming PC.

Once God of War Ragnarok or Horizon Forbidden West drops I'll cop one immediately.
305453, damn son where'd you find that?!
Posted by bearfield, Thu Jan-07-21 10:43 PM
been looking for 3070 since september. last i read stock wouldn't be adequate until april
305455, I put the HotStock app on my phone and just setup a notification for it
Posted by Mafamaticks, Fri Jan-08-21 03:22 PM
Best Buy stocks the founder's edition ones. It alerted me and I went straight to buy it from my phone. I couldn't believe it went through honestly cause I never had the same luck with a PS5.
305456, i'll try it. thanks
Posted by bearfield, Fri Jan-08-21 03:37 PM
i meant 3080 FE but typed in 3070 for some reason

i've had a new build ready for a new card just sitting in the corner collecting dust for months now. my trusty 980ti is still going strong though so i'm ok with waiting another couple of months. hopefully the 3080 FE will function as well for this new generation as the 980ti did with the previous generation
305452, Nice!
Posted by chillinCHiEF, Thu Jan-07-21 01:41 PM
I copped Miles Morales on sale a few weeks ago but haven't been able to find a PS5 yet.
305454, Probably cop in the spring
Posted by spenzalii, Fri Jan-08-21 02:25 PM
By then they will be more widely available and I'll hopefully have my OLED
305463, when do you guys think these will be "easily" available?
Posted by HecticHavoc, Wed Jan-13-21 11:25 AM
not a Harry Potter guy but i imagine that game is gonna be good.

hopefully the remaster Sekiro or do something with it. i dont think there will be a game on PS5 to match that for a long time.
305465, Probably by March or April.
Posted by bwood, Sat Jan-16-21 05:54 AM
Sony said they're ramping up production to get at least 17 to 18 million just to America alone on the next few months.

I see thr scalpers hoarding these and reselling them for outrageous prices. Those fools are gonna have a wake up call soon.
305467, yeah, PS4 was pretty rough until the following February
Posted by Nodima, Mon Jan-18-21 08:25 PM
A similar turn around feels about right here, though with the pandemic still raging I'll bet demand is still much higher than this time last generation.

Plus with Game Pass and even the Playstation Instant Game Collection, it's never been a better time to be a first-time owner of either series of consoles. You can catch up on the past on the cheap cheap.

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305471, True.
Posted by bwood, Sat Jan-23-21 11:48 AM
I'm going to finally play the Uncharted series and hopefully finish Ghost of Tsushima
305478, I consider myself lucky, I was able to cop both Series X and PS5 on launch day
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Mon Jan-25-21 03:19 PM
Both from Walmart. None of my close friends have been able to cop either so far. Even got a Series S for my son for Christmas. I just wish I had this luck with sneaker drops.
305479, got my pre orders in for both
Posted by Rjcc, Mon Jan-25-21 07:33 PM
to anyone without em....you're not missing out

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
305480, I had OG Xbox and PS4, so I feel I had a pretty good upgrade on performance
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Tue Jan-26-21 08:17 AM
but other than that, there isn't anything that I see a need for anyone to rush out and especially pay scalpers for.
305481, Same here. Got PS5 from Target and 2 Series Xs and 1 S from BB
Posted by Lach, Tue Jan-26-21 08:47 AM
But like rjcc said, people aren't missing much at the moment till they really put out some games. But I do like the upgrades old games have received.