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Topic subjectXBOX Black Friday Sale
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305407, XBOX Black Friday Sale
Posted by nipsey, Thu Nov-26-20 02:49 PM
MS is having a massive Black Friday Sale on games. Some Games and add-ons are up to 70% off. Check the link below for the deals.

305417, I've had BioShock on my want list for years.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Tue Dec-01-20 05:46 PM
Copped the collection with 1, 2 and Infiite for $10.
I'm finally gonna have a game on my TV other than Dead Cells...ha.

Good lookin' out.
305418, I'm finding it harder to pull the trigger on full price games.
Posted by JFrost1117, Wed Dec-02-20 12:47 AM
Game Pass is spoiling the shit out of me.